HCG Diet Program for Women

David McLaughlin, M.D. at Men’s and Women’s Specialty Health Centers, P.C. provides customized HCG Diet programs for women that want to lose weight. The Indiana HCG Injections Specialists feel that the most important thing to note for women is that the diet should be started directly after menstruation (Last day of your flow). Also, wearing cosmetics made of creams or fatty oils can alter results because the creams are absorbed into the skin and affect the endocrine system in regulating fat metabolism. Massages should also be avoided while on the diet. Women often have tried many ways to lose weight before going on the HCG Diet and are ready to see some lasting results and many have experienced success.

Body image is something that many women really define themselves by, and our culture places quite a lot of significance upon. We feel that more than body image, the significance is placed upon health from the inside out. What is our body composition and how is our overall state of being?

With the HCG diet it is about utilizing a natural occurring hormone during pregnancy to help the body perform at optimal metabolic levels and function more efficiently. The body is able to access the fatty deposits that have been in lock down. Our overall body composition returns to a more balanced state of being. Body weight affects more than just our health. The way we look affects how we feel and how we feel affects what we do and what we put into our bodies.

How we feel in our body is more important than what size we are or what we look like or even our body fat percentage. How we feel in our body is unique to every individual. Being at peace with our bodies, our butt, our stomachs, our breasts, arms, and legs is important to us fully accepting and loving ourselves. As we begin to love ourselves just as we are the body can then settle into a state of peace and that is where the best health is cultivated. When we are able to transform our thoughts about who and what we are and allow that inner beauty to radiate throughout our body, we become wise stewards of the gift of our body and feel a desire to care and cultivate it in a way that brings us joy.

Our bodies are in a sense, an avatar for our journey here, and we have the choice every day how we treat it, what we put into it, and how we will move and stretch it so that our minds and hearts can work together to create a life that is fulfilling. Many women find the HCG diet is a great way to rediscover their body as it once was and experience greater satisfaction in their efforts towards a healthier body and mind.

Indiana HCG Injections Specialists at Men’s and Women’s Specialty Health Centers, P.C. have used the HCG diet to help countless women lose many pounds of fat in a short period of time. HCG targets and burns the stubborn fat as it melts away in days while keeping lean muscle mass. Some women lost 24 lbs. of pregnancy weight in 3 weeks with success and have kept it off with no more than a fluctuation of 5 lbs. up or down. Other women have found the HCG diet the best thing yet and it was the key that unlocked the door to years of struggle with unwanted weight.

There is much controversy though because there are women who have had fainting spells while on the diet due to the lack of calories and others who have had irregular or cessation of their period for quite some time after going on the diet. Other women experienced hair loss. Now the important thing here is to remember that we are all very different and our biology is unique. There will never be one diet that works for everyone and that is why it is essential people do this diet with a doctor’s supervision and expertise.

After quite some research the varieties of ways the HCG Hormone is being used can get confusing. There are drops, injections and homeopathic tinctures. No wonder there is so much controversy out there. If people are using all sorts of varieties people will get varying results.

On the Doctor Oz show the HCG diet was extensively discussed and many professional doctors were invited to share their opinions of the HCG diet.

A Cardiologist went on the diet himself and discovered success in weight loss. He found that the 500 Calorie diet along with the HCG helped burn fat that has accumulated in greater deposit areas. Another doctor on the show expressed that during a normal diet weight loss seen on the scale is usually muscles and affects metabolism negatively unlike the HCG diet which supports lean muscle mass while fat is being burned.

Some benefits that women can achieve through weight loss with the HCG Diet are as follows:

Renewed confidence can result from weight loss. Women have a lot of pressure to keep a physically appealing shape, and weight loss can help a woman regain comfort and confidence in her appearance.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can be decreased with the use of HCG. Often, women with PCOS no longer experience symptoms after pregnancy because of the hormonal involvement with the syndrome.

Decreased risk of diabetes can be experienced with weight loss. Lowered amounts of fat and sugar intake decrease the amount of stress put on the pancreas, which is responsible for secreting insulin.

Healthier relationships can happen as a result of weight loss. A healthier personal image can improve close relationships and boost self esteem.

Improved heart health can be accomplished by following the HCG diet. Excess amounts of fat can constrict blood flow, which puts more stress on the heart. When there is less fat and constriction, blood can flow through the heart easier.

Healthier liver function results from fat loss because fat deposits can build up in the liver and interfere with its ability to clean the blood. A fatty liver can occur due to a poor diet, and after time, the deposits can cause scarring and lead to cirrhosis.

Increased energy can result from weight loss due to the body’s increased ability to properly process blood sugar and caloric intake.

Regulated menstrual cycles can result from weight loss. A woman’s period may become irregular due to increased body fat, which can interfere with hormone balance.

Indiana HCG Injections Specialists at Men’s and Women’s Specialty Health Centers, P.C. has helped vast numbers of women to lose weight with the HCG Diet, while deriving numerous other health benefits. Many of these benefits can be derived by successfully using the HCG diet. Increased body fat can hinder and affect several bodily functions, and weight loss can benefit several bodily organs by allowing them to function more efficiently.

To learn more about weight loss with the HCG Diet, contact Men’s and Women’s Specialty Health Centers, P.C. today to discuss treatment options.