HCG Medical Weight Loss Reviews

Noblesville Indiana HCG Medical Weight Loss Doctor, David McLaughlin, M.D. at Men’s and Women’s Specialty Health Centers, P.C. has helped countless men and women to lose weight and achieve their weight loss goals. Some of his patient success stories include:

Thanks to the Releana HCG Diet I lost 43 pounds in 10 weeks! I was very skeptical when deciding whether or not to do this diet because it sounded too good to be true. Not only that, I knew it was going to be hard making severe changes to my diet and lifestyle. After one week through the program I felt like a new person. I had more energy and was very surprised by my immediate progress. It was all the motivation I needed to continue. After completing 10 weeks of the program I completely kicked the bad eating habits and started exercising regularly. I have now been off of the HCG diet for 3 months and been able to maintain my current weight. I couldn’t have asked for a better diet experience. -Chris

Cindy lost 33 pounds in 11 weeks

The Releana HCG program has not only been a fast weight loss, but the body restructuring is amazing! Friends have told me they are watching my journey and have seen noticeable changes about every 4 days.

I feel great and my eating habits have totally changed. I struggled on other programs with binges, but on Releana I haven’t had to fight off a binge. It has taught me how to eat a controlled and healthy diet without feeling deprived. Thank you, Cindy

Sheila lost 68 pounds and over 33 inches in 3 months

I highly recommend the Releana HCG program with Dr. Mac and his team. Before starting the program I lost 10 pounds through changes in my diet, but it was a struggle and slow process. Through using the Releana HCG I was able to lose an additional 68 pounds in a matter of a few months. Since I travel a lot for work the cream was recommended for me. I loved the cream! It was easy to travel with (no special handling) and it was something I could apply and not be noticed if I needed to. I know it may be hard to believe, but after the first week I was not hungry and at times I had to force myself to eat my daily amount. I also did not have the intense cravings I had with other diets.

The weight loss has been great and people’s reactions are amazing. More importantly it has greatly improved my health. My general doctor was able to reduce my thyroid medication and I am being weaned off my blood pressure medication! He doesn’t think I will need it at all.

The program was good for me from a meal planning and cooking aspect. I learned to plan ahead, which is still important, and I learned healthier ways to prepare and season my food. It really got me started with lifelong habits. The other big surprise for me was that I completely lost my taste and desire for Diet Coke. Diet Coke is allowed, but I found that I just didn’t want any. This is still almost impossible for me to believe even now as I would have 4-8 Diet Cokes a day and it was the one thing I was willing to give up.

Finally the support I received from answers to questions to emotional support for those weeks I wished I would have lost more to reinforcing the inches lost and to celebrate my success. Special thanks to Amy!

I’ve been off the program now for three months and I have been able to easily maintain my weight. I can’t believe I’ve gone from a tight size 18W to a size 6. I haven’t felt this good in years! Thank you, Sheila

Kathy lost 18 pounds in one month

I lost 18 pounds in 30 days on the Releana diet. I am a 63 year old old female with type 2 Diabetes. After 3 days on the diet I stopped my medication. My blood sugar averaged 90-110. I am on week 2 of maintenance and there has been no change in weight or fasting sugar levels! I would have done the diet to correct the Diabetes even if I hadn’t lost this much weight. I am still medicine free & I need to lose 20 more pounds. However, I am going to take a 6 week break then do the diet again. This is the first diet to work for me! Thank you, Kathy

To learn more about how you can lose weight and overcome the challenges of obesity and weight loss resistance, contact Noblesville Indiana HCG Medical Weight Loss Doctor, David McLaughlin, M.D. at Men’s and Women’s Specialty Health Centers, P.C. today to discuss treatment options and to learn if you are a possible candidate for the HCG Diet.